CH Paxton Traeger's The Magic of Disney CHIC
wh. 1-28-2014
MBISS GCHB Paxton's Tsun of Tsunami AOM CHIC
CH Paxton's Amidala Taken By Chance CGC CHIC
This sound athletic boy started off his show career at 6 months and one day old
with a WD/BOW/BBE/BBE group 3, he was second in his large GDCA futurity class in 2014,
and finished easily from the Bred by Exhibitor class
under mostly breeder judges with very limited showing.  
He is owned and loved by Kasey Traeger and myself
and represents 2 generations of our friendship and owning danes together.   

Disney, is proven and available to approved bitches who are fully health tested.
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30 Months
24 Months
24 Months
Pictured above and below at the GDCNCa Specialty ~ 15 Months
November 2015 back to back WD to finish from the BBE class @ 22 months
Hanging with his boy Austin