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Paxton Great Danes
Quality is  a Choice .......
                       Our Commitment to Excellence!
Current Litter
Past Litters
Thank you for your interest in our danes and breeding program.  
I encourage all families who feel they might like to be considered for one of our puppies to read our
basic policies page, fully complete a questionnaire and email us..   We place our puppies very carefully
and work from a waiting/distribution list based on inquiries and approved questionnaires.  Given this I
feel that it is in both of our interest to begin contact, get to know each other, and build a relationship
now.  We maintain an active waiting and I prefer to place puppies into homes that I have had adequate
time to get to know and discuss the needs and wants of adding a Great Dane puppy to the family.
We will NOT consider anyone as a potential home unless the questionnaire is fully completed FIRST.  
No Exceptions.  We also do phone interviews and a possible home inspection as part of our screening
process.  I realize this seems like a lot but, as a potential owner,  we hope you appreciate that we are
very dedicated to the lives we create.
To that end we work hard to place our puppies carefully!  Buyer education and breeder support is
absolutely a big part of what we do here.  We care about where our puppies go and about their health
and well being for their lifetime!

If you are interested in being considered and/or added to our waiting/distribution list
Please read our policies page, completely fill out a questionnaire, and
e-mail us.

We welcome sincere interest and questions about ourselves and Great Danes  We gladly entertain
sincere questions about Great Danes, ourselves and our breeding program

We welcomed puppies in December 2020
Please note that we do not expect to have availability outside of homes
already on our waiting list.

We do have plans for Spring of 2021,

Please feel free to enjoy the photos of our present and past litters
2014 Dyna/Carter
2016 Olivia/Kahn
If we are in between litters we are happy to help you with a referral to another reputable breeder who fully health tests,
or a legitimate rescue organization - just ask us.   I feel very strongly that families looking to add a great dane to their family
need to shop responsibly or adopt!
2017 Olivia/Mason
Ava and Castle  
December 18th 2020
we have 4 fawn boys and 1 fawn girl.
Beckett and Truman  
December 24th 2020
Welcome our Brindle Singleton!