Potential Owner Questionnaire
Thank you for your interest in a Paxton Dane puppy!
Please take a moment to fully complete the questionnaire below and tell us about yourself.  
The information you provide here will help us determine your suitability for ownership
and match to our expectations.  
This Questionnaire may seem involved but as a potential owner
you should be pleased that we place our puppies very carefully.
In 2007 and 2008 the people of California defeated Assembly Bill 1634,
but the battle against similar legislation has been ongoingin other US states and California.
Please be aware and informed about the realities of this type of legislation.
I do believe in, and strictly enforce, age appropriate spay/neuter of companion puppies by contract.
However many of these proposals, including AB 1634, call for the spay/neuter of every pet at 4 - 6 months of age,
which is inappropriate and detrimental to the proper growth and development of most breeds,
and infinitely more so for the giant breeds, which have a longer growth and maturity cycle, given their size.
Proper and natural growth is essential to developing the necessary and balanced skeletal structure
that will  support a long and healthy life.
Please contact you assembly and senate representatives to express your opposition
to this type of legislation should it be proposed in your state.
Full Name:
Zip Code
Email Address:
Telephone Number
Best time to call
How did you hear about PAXTON DANES?
Please list 2 references (breeder(s), veterinarian, a member of a kennel club, trainer ect) Be sure to identify their relation to you and provide a phone number and if possible and email address where they can be reached.
When are you looking to purchase a puppy?
Please tell us what type of dog you are interested in: (check all that apply) Puppy
Older trained adult
Puppy first but would consider an adult
No age preference
No Sex Preference
No Color Preference
No Ear Preference
What are your plans for this puppy/dog? (Please mark all that apply) pet/Companion
If other please explain?
Have you owned a Great Dane in the past? Yes
If Yes, please tell us about this dog ~ why do you no longer have it? How did it die?. If No, why do you want a Great Dane now?
Please list the traits or characteristics that you find desirable in a Great Dane:
Please list the traits or characteristics you find undesirable in a Great Dane
Number of adults in your household?
Number of children in your household?
please list the ages of any children
Does anyone in your household have pet allergies?
Number of pets in your household now?
If other pets, what ages, types and temperament are they? Are they spayed or neutered?
What has become of other pets you have owned? Have you ever had to euthanize (put to sleep)an animal? If yes, why?
What is it about the Great Dane that makes you feel this is the right breed for your family?
Why are you interested in obtaining a Great Dane from PAXTON DANES?
What is your Marital status?
What is your age?
Some occupations are not conducive to raising a puppy ... those that require extensive frequent travel or have long work shifts. Please list the occupation(s) of the adult(s) in the household.
What type of residence do you live in (Own home, rent home, apartment, condo ect.) ?
Do you have a fenced yard?
If yes, how high is your fence?
Describe the fencing material, age and condition.
How will you transport the dog? What type of vehicle?
Please tell us about your living arrangements and how it allows for scheduled feedings, proper training, exercise, ect.
Does every one in your household agree that this dane will be a member or the family, maintained as a house pet and treated with respect?
What type of diet do you plan on feeding? Please be specific ~ if Kibble what brand/type ... if RAW/BARF, have you fed this diet before?
Who will be the primary care giver of this dog?
Approximatley how many hours will this dog be left alone each day?
Where will the dog be when no one in home?
Where will this dog sleep at night? (ie on the bed, loose, crated, confined to kitchen, basement, garage, yard, kennel or other)
Have you considered what arrangements will need to be made when you travel and can't have your dane accompany you?
What books have you read on dog care and training and/or great danes?
Are you willing to follow the Health Guidelines and advice supplied by Paxton Great Danes regarding shots/vaccinations, exercise, feeding, and training? yes
If No or Maye, Please explain.
Are you willing to stay in regular contact with Paxton Great Danes for the life of the dog and provide updates?
Is there any additional information you would like us to know when we assess placing a Paxton Dane puppy with you? Any changes to the above in the near forseeable future? We would love to hear your own expectations for the newest member of your family!
Your turn! Is there anything else you would like to tell or ask us at this time?

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