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Our Danes
Paxton Great Danes
Quality is  a Choice .......
                             Our Commitment to Excellence!
If we are in between litters we are happy to help you with a referral to another reputable breeder
who fully health tests, or a legitimate rescue organization - just ask us.    I feel very strongly that families
looking to add a great dane to their family need to shop responsibly or adopt!
Our personal danes are proudly owner handled to all honors -
we are delighted with our track record for quality and success since 2005.
This includes, whenever possible, assisting or piloting puppies we have bred and do not live with us
to success as well.
Our Danes
CH Shady Crk's Lady Smith N Wesson ROM CHIC  11/2005 - 11/2017  -  Schatzi
CH Equiss Kiss N Mr Big Stuff CHIC  6/2006 - 3/2018  -  Kissinger
CH Paxton's Happen Chance CHIC  wh. 5/29/08 -  Rylee
CH Paxton's Phat Chance CHIC  wh. 5/29/08-  Piper
CH Paxton's Amidala Taken By Chance CGC CHIC  wh. 5/2008 - 12/2016 -  Padme
MBISS GCHB Paxton's Tsun Of Tsunami CHIC  wh. 4/23/10 -  Maverick
CH Paxton's A Chance Encounter at De Robles CGC CHIC  wh. 5/29/08 -  Lena
Paxton's Duet By Design Honor Roll CHIC (pointed)  10/2010-  4/2018   Dyna
BIF 2014 BISS GCH Paxton's To Each His Own CHIC wh. 1/27/14 -  Olivia
CH Paxton's Life is Like A Box of Chocolate @ De Robles CHIC  wh. 1/27/14 -  Forrest
GCH Paxton's Quintessential Kind of Guy CHIC wh. 1/27/14 -   Quinn
Paxton's Keep Calm and Ginger On (major pointed)  wh. 1/27/14 -  Ginger
CH Paxton N Traeger's The Magic of Disney CHIC wh. 1/28/14 -  Disney
CH Paxton's Oye Vey CHIC  wh. 2/16/15 -  Charlie
Our loving loyal companion Danes
Paxton's Timely Classic @ Aldawn  wh. 12/13/16-  Royce
Int CH Paxton's Reflections Of A Pastime  wh. 12/13/16 -  Major
Dane Acres N Paxton's Tsun of a Tsun of A Sailor  wh. 12/3/2016 - Moose
listed chronologically by whelp date
Int BIS puppy Int BIS BBE puppy Paxton's It's Only Money  wh. 8/24/2017 - Truman
Paxton's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me  wh. 4/3/2018 - Beckett
Paxton's All Things Considered  wh. 4/11/2018 - Ava