I welcomed my first dane into my life in 2002, and from that day forward I have been in love with the noble,
loving, loyal and funny breed!  Although I still consider myself somewhat new to the Breed,
I take my responsibility to it very seriously.
I realize that every litter  produced will impact the future of this wonderful breed as a whole,
and this commitment is a responsibility that is not taken lightly !

Each litter is thoughtfully planned and breeding partners/pedigrees carefully researched and
screened with the intention to improve.  We strongly believe in and support proper health testing to a degree
that meets or exceeds the outlines offered by the OFA/CHIC and GDCA

I am a very strong supporter of Limited Registration and age appropriate
spaying and neutering of companion animals.
Appropriate health screenings are performed by our veterinarian and/or the OFA, before breeding:
These may include OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, thryoid panel, OFA eyes/CERF exam, and a cardiac screening.

Contract of Sale/Purchase Agreement
AKC Registration
4 Generation Pedigree
Microchip identification, tag, and information
Vaccination record and health certificate
Sample of food currently being fed to the litter
New puppy folder with important health, feeding, training and crate information.
Lifetime Breeder Support ~ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
We are not a frequently breeding kennel and produce thoughtfully  planned, health tested litters,
when we plan to keep a puppy ourselves.
It is not our intent to ever produce large numbers of puppies, we breed for ourselves and those who come to us for a Paxton Dane.

My goal is to breed thoughtfully and responsibly for type, temperament, structure, health, and longevity.
Striving with each decision to produce Great Danes that are good representatives, and great ambassadors of the breed.
I feel they can and should be happy, healthy, dependable, and of sound mind and body!

These devoted and noble creatures are a big part of our lives and a favorite pursuit !
They live with us in our home as members of our family ...... They are for Love, for Life and for Show.

It's True  ..... There is nothing like the love of a Great Dane !
All Puppies will have been examined by a licensed veterinarian on several occasions.
They will receive all age appropriate vaccinations, dew claws removed, wormings/fecal exams, be microchipped, and
if elected, cropped prior to leaving our home.
COMPANION PUPPIES will be placed on an AKC Limited Registration and a spay/neuter contract/agreement.
                                            For more information about limited registration please refer to
AKC Limited Registration.
SHOW POTENTIAL PUPPIES will be placed on co-ownership with a show/breeding contract/agreement.
No puppy will leave before the age of 8 weeks or without a signed Contract of Sale/Purchase Agreement and a Reference Check
I extensively screen prospective buyers and puppies will only go to approved Companion and Show homes.
Cropping is a very personal decision, and the after care requires a lot of hard work and diligence.

Cropping is available upon request (at the buyer's expense and risk), and is done by a qualified licensed veterinarian.
However, if you buy your puppy uncropped it must remain uncropped.
Paxton Great Danes reserves the right to refuse a puppy to any home we feel is not suitable.
We support and adhere to the Great Dane Club of America Breeder's Code of Ethics
click here to view ~
GDCA Breeder's Code of Ethics
~ Our Basic Policies ~
Napa, California
Our Policies
Thank you for your interest in our danes!
If we are between litters we would be happy to add you to our waiting/distribution list,
help refer you to rescue or another breeder, and/or answer any questions you may have about great danes in general.
We are active and involved in the Fancy and as such can be of great help for families looking for a great dane from a reputable and
responsible involved breeder.
We welcome you to complete the questionnaire via the link below.
Paxton Great Danes
Quality is  a Choice .......
                                     Our Commitment to Excellence!
Thoughtfully bred fawn an brindle Great Danes