Thoughtfully bred fawn an brindle Great Danes
Health tested parents for healthier
We practice and encourage health
testing in breeding programs to CHIC
standards for our breed.  The CHIC
program, jointly sponsored by the AKC
and the OFA, as well as the Great Dane
Club of America recommend the
following screenings for the Great Dane
breed:  HIPS (OFA or PennHIP),
Cardiac, Thyroid & Eyes (CERF).

Although we still don't have the science
behind genetic inheritance of many
health issues in the dog, we do believe
that knowledge is power and the tools
that we do have available are beneficial.  
It follows that the most sound breeding
practice utilizes all the information we
have available to make better and more
responsible breeding decisions.  The
OFA has built a powerful tool to assist
breeders in making more informed
decisions AND to help puppy buyers to
make a more informed purchase.  We
hope you take advantage of this
powerful tool in your next puppy search.
** Years of commitment and investment
in our dogs through participation and
success in a variety of AKC
conformation, performance and
companion events

** promoting responsibility and
participation in the sport of purebred
dogs through the continued support and
involvement in AKC events,  breed and
Group clubs

** A proven track record of dedication to
the Great Dane breed as evidenced by
ongoing success and AKC titles earned
by Paxton bred great danes.

** An ongoing commitment to health
testing breeding stock, in accordance or
exceeding, the screening recommended
by the GDCA Parent Club/CHIC/OFA.

** A demonstrated commitment to
ensuring 100% of the puppies produced
are AKC registered.
The Canine Health Information Center,
also known as CHIC, is a centralized
canine health database jointly
sponsored by the Orthopedic
Foundation for Animals (OFA) and
breed parent clubs (The Great Dane
Club of America, GDCA) in the case of
the Great Dane.
The CHIC program provides a resource
for breeders and owners of purebred
dogs to research and maintain
information on the health issues
prevalent in a specific breed by
establishing a recommended protocol
for breed specific health screening and
recognizing dogs tested in accordance
with that protocol
CHIC also maintains a DNA Bank that
collects and stores canine DNA samples
along with corresponding genealogic
and phenotypic information to facilitate
future research and testing aimed at
reducing the incidence of inherited
disease in dogs.

The CHIC program offers benefits to
breeders, buyers, parent clubs, and
researchers.  Bookmark and visit them
at to learn more.
Paxton Great Danes
Quality is  a Choice .......
                                   Our Commitment to Excellence!
We are proud to have been recognized
as AKC Breeders of Merit. The AKC is
proud to recognize AKC Breeders who
are dedicated to breeding beautiful
purebred dogs whose appearance,
temperament, and ability are true to their
breed. These breeders are the heart of
AKC. The AKC Breeder of Merit is and
honor that celebrates:
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